Beyond Peat

Bio-Fiber™ Organic Soil Conditioner

Increases Nutrient Availability & Soil Quality

Nutrient-rich, all-natural and organic plant fiber adds organic matter and humus to improve all soil types.
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Improves Moisture Retention & Root Development

Bio-Fiber™ Technology absorbs up to 7x its own weight in water and produces up to 25% more air space than traditional peat moss to protect against over- and under-watering.
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Sustainable & Environmentally-Focused Ingredients

Bio-Fiber™ Organic Soil Conditioner features sustainable ingredients that are 100% peat-free and environmentally friendly—positively impacting wetlands and bogs around the world.
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Directions for Use


    Loosen existing soil 4–6" deep. Apply 2–4" of Beyond Peat™ Bio-Fiber™ Organic Soil Conditioner over planting area (1.5 cu. ft. per 6 sq. ft.) and incorporate into existing soil. Plant and water thoroughly.


    Construct bedding perimeter allowing for a minimum depth of 12". Fill the area with a mixture of one part Beyond Peat™ Bio-Fiber™ Organic Soil Conditioner and one part top soil. Alternate soil conditioner and top soil, mixing as you go, until desired depth is reached. For container gardening, mix in soil conditioner with potting soil for improved moisture retention and soil structure.


    Dig hole ⅓" larger and ⅓" deeper than the root ball of the plant. Disturb root ball only if rootbound. Mix one part Beyond Peat™ Bio-Fiber™ Organic Soil Conditioner to one part existing soil. Finish filling hole and lightly pack down soil to avoid air pockets. After planting, water thoroughly.


    Loosen the soil to a depth of 2". Spread 1" of Beyond Peat™ Bio-Fiber™ Organic Soil Conditioner onto the loosened soil. Rake and level Bio-Fiber into the loose soil. Sow lawn seed at recommended rates and water thoroughly.


    Top-dress established lawn with ¼" of Beyond Peat™ Bio-Fiber™ Organic Soil Conditioner. Rake Bio-Fiber into lawn so it penetrates through lawn to soil. Water thoroughly after reseeding at recommended rates.


    Beyond Peat™ Bio-Fiber™ Organic Soil Conditioner is ideal for mulching around all types of plants and is especially suitable for use around smaller annuals and perennials (1.5 cu. ft. covers approximately 8 sq. ft.).