Beyond Peat


We make gardening more sustainable.

Beyond Peat™ produces professional organic soil mixes that provide a sustainable alternative to traditional peat moss. Established by leading horticultural experts and trusted by commercial growers, our mission is to deliver premium products that use renewable resources and are environmentally friendly in ways that optimize land use, limit water consumption and maximize plant yield.

Listed under OMRI®, Beyond Peat™ Professional Organics soil mixes are formulated with all-natural, premium, organic ingredients that are locally sourced, sustainable, and environmentally focused, and supported by our exclusive Bio-Fiber™ Technology.


Beyond Peat™ Professional Organics soil mixes are 100% peat-free and derived from natural renewable resources that are sustainable for our environment.

Bio-Fiber™ Technology

Our exclusive Bio-Fiber™ Technology absorbs up to 7x its own weight in water and produces up to 25% more air space than traditional peat moss for stronger root development.