Beyond Peat


When you choose Beyond Peat™ Professional Organics soil mixes, you can breathe easier knowing you’re doing your part to reduce carbon emissions and the footprint caused by mining of natural resources. That’s because each of our organic soil mixes is 100% peat-free, derived from renewable resources and environmentally focused. Each bag of Beyond Peat you buy positively impacts climate change as well as wetlands and bogs around the world. Not to mention, everything we do to produce a bag of Beyond Peat is done using sustainable practices.

The sustainable way to garden

Through our patented and proprietary process, we’re able to extract bio-fibers from horticultural and agricultural residuals, creating a sustainable, renewable resource that’s better for the entire environment because it optimizes land use, limits water consumption and maximizes resources we already have available to us.

Better yet, it’s all locally sourced—so you’re not only helping the environment, you’re helping your community too.


Beyond Peat™ Professional Organics soil mixes are 100% peat-free and derived from natural renewable resources that are sustainable for our environment.

Bio-Fiber™ Technology

Our exclusive Bio-Fiber™ Technology absorbs up to 7x its own weight in water and produces up to 25% more air space than traditional peat moss for stronger root development.